With your donation, you make it possible the EU (and its member states like the Netherlands) will make policies leading to a true price for meat and dairy. This will lead to a reduction of the consumption of meat (and dairy), which will support your health, your (lower) health payments, climate, environment, nature and animal welfare.  

As a consumer you can donate an amount of 5 euro's per year or more. Click on the button to donate:

Donate button.png

When you are a company or organisation you can become a partner. 

The annual contribution for partners is dependent of annual turnover (as a guideline):

5000 euro       company with turnover  > 50 million euro
3000 euro       company with turnover   >1 million euro
1000 euro       company with turnover < 1 million euro
500-1000 euro    research institutes/governments 
100 euro          startups, small business

The sum of donations will be included in our annual report. The True Animal Protein Price Coalition has a non for profit status for taxation since December 2019. 

Donations can be sent to to bankaccount NL27 TRIO 0379 7379 65 to True Animal Protein PC.. Mention: 'donation' and your name / email. Or via this link (Dutch): 

Thanks a lot for your help!